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Are you tired of the same old PE lessons that fail to engage your students and improve their physical literacy? Look no further! Richard Pickering, the mastermind behind Roar Stars, has developed a revolutionary PE programme that will transform the way you teach and the way your students learn.

His passion for exciting PE lessons and his unique approach to teaching through animated storytelling have made his business highly successful. But he doesn’t want to keep his expertise limited to just a few schools in the South of Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire. With Roar Stars Education, he has created a product that schools can access to transform their PE programmes and positively impact their students.

Starting from £90 per term.

How can we help you?

Are you a head teacher or PE lead wanting consistent, high-quality PE?

Roar Stars’ PE programme is designed to support the delivery of high-quality, multi-skills PE lessons across the Early Years and KS1 curriculum, using step by step videos to upskill and inspire teachers.

Do you want a programme which improves the physical literacy of your pupils?

The Roar Stars PE programme is all-encompassing; addressing and improving the four interrelated domains of physical literacy as a key focus, whilst also delivering all aspects of the PE National Curriculum. 

Do you want a PE curriculum which also addresses all five key outcomes of the PE Premium?

Roar Stars also supports the engagement of pupils, raises the profile of PE, increases staff confidence, offers a broader range of activities, and fosters a lifelong passion for physical activity; ticking off the main outcomes for the PE Premium spending. 

Are you an Early Years or KS1 teacher who wants more creative ideas in your PE lessons?

If the answer is yes, Roar Stars has got you covered. Our curriculum is written and delivered through creative themes and stories that will engage all pupils in their learning journey in PE whilst making sure they have exciting early learning experiences!

What does our programme offer?



A year’s worth of engaging and fun interactive PE lessons that can be delivered across Nursery, Early Years and KS1 settings. 


Staff confidence, knowledge and skills in PE

Boost the confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff delivering PE whilst also reducing teacher planning time and workload. 


PE Premium impact

Implement a PE curriculum programme which guarantees to positively address all five outcome indicators of the PE Premium Funding Evidence. 


Positive early learning experiences

Give you a programme that consistently challenges, engages the children and allows for fantastic early learning opportunities in PE. 


Development of physical literacy

Support children to pursue the holistic development of their physical literacy through their physical, emotional, social and cognitive learning. 

Who am I?

My name is Richard Pickering and I have been delivering my personalised, educational sports programme into schools across the South of Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire since 2013. I graduated at Manchester Metropolitan University with an undergraduate degree in Sports Science, and a masters degree in Sports Coaching. The programme has developed into a highly successful, multi-sports PE business, that focuses on engaging children in a unique and creative PE curriculum. 

What has made it so successful? What is it that makes me and my business different from other companies out there? I am incredibly passionate about the way PE should be delivered within schools, and the positive effect this can have on all aspects of a child. I pride myself on engaging children through a fun and animated storytelling narrative, which allows for the children’s imagination to completely take over and become lost in the journey that we find ourselves on. This creates fantastic opportunities for cross curricular learning and allows children across mainstream and SEN settings to engage fully in sessions. 

“Richard, you really need to expand your business so that more children can access your sessions. You’ve got schools waiting for space in your diary and children on waiting lists for your sessions.” (Laura, Roar Stars parent, 2022)

Having encountered the above conversation too many times, I decided that I needed to fulfil the potential of what I can offer and meet the needs of all settings. I wanted to create a product that schools can access and can use to engage and transform PE for their pupils. So, here we have it, Roar Stars Productions is born. 

The exciting, engaging and dynamic videos come alongside an in-depth and easily accessible teacher resource tool, which is designed to facilitate positive early learning experiences in PE and have a positive impact on teacher workload. Let’s do this…

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