What is Roar Stars?

Roar Stars is an Early Years and Primary sports provider. We aim to give children a fun and exciting introduction to the world of sports and physical activity. Our cross curricular style of delivery ensures that we focus on the key areas of child development whilst always engaging the children in an exciting environment.

Our programme aims to give children the best opportunity to develop a love for physical activity through exciting learning opportunities! The children cover a range of activities which support their physical, mental, social and emotional development.

This is delivered mainly through the medium of football and activities that include throwing and catching, passing, shooting, movement, balance, coordination and team games... as well as using their imaginations to enhance their learning journey of course!

So how can your child get involved?

We run sessions for children from 18 months up to 11 years in a range of formats and settings, including parent child sessions for our toddlers, holiday sports camps for our primary aged pupils and parties for all ages!

If you work at a school or nursery, we can also offer our BRAND NEW video classes to make our curriculum available to all pupils in the most exciting way!

"Children have been loving coming to our sessions for over nine years and we can confidently say Roar Stars has sparked their love of sport and physical activity for years to come! Our programme aims to simply harness that love for being active!"

Roar Stars Coaching

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Roar Stars Education

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